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The gender wage gap – Myth? Lie? Or BS?

Here’s a quick word association test – how big is the gender wage gap? How much less are women paid for doing the same work? You might automatically say 30% less. Or 25% less. Or even 21% less. These are all common figures, all used by various experts, celebrities and even heads of state. Yet they are all totally and tragically wrong. There is no gender wage gap. It is a complete myth. Say it ain’t so. The gender wage gap simply cannot be a myth. It is common knowledge. As carved in stone as 365 1/4 days in a year or 5280 feet in a mile. You don’t even have to think about things like this. That, of course, is the problem. You don’t think about it. You got your information about the gender wage gap from a reliable source at some point in the past and have had no reason to think about it sin...

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