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Can a man ever have a decent vagina?

I know that what I’m about to say cold easily get me shot – since liberals are such violent, intolerant zealots – but here it is anyway: Bruce Jenner is a man. Of course he’s a former Olympic gold medal winning athlete, so he can probably kick my lumpy ass three times before breakfast – but I’ll do my little rant anyway. Then hide in the bunker. Now I’ll grant you, Bruce Jenner may be a man who sincerely believes that he is a woman. But it is only a belief. Like believing in Santa Claus or the Tooth fairy or some ancient angry god. It requires, Kierkegaard’s great leap of faith. There is no evidence to prove his belief. . There is no reason or logic to it. Quite the contrary in fact. Every cell of Jenner’s body will have male XY chromosomes. His muscles and tendons are al...

How Liberals still practice Eugenics.

Throughout history, liberals have always backed some kind of loopy faux science that they claim must be followed religiously or the sky will fall, civilization will end or, perhaps even worse for them, common sense will prevail. Why Liberals dropped communism and picked up Eugenics. In the early 1900’s Communism was the thing. Every progressive believed in it. The salvation of mankind. The end of the inequalities of that evil system capitalism – which unfairly required merit to succeed under. Then Stalin’s excesses became public and liberals quickly dropped communism. Then, desperate for a ‘world will end’ cause, they picked up Eugenics and ran with it. Eugenics was the idea that, if we don’t want civilization to collapse, we must constantly cull the herd of humanity and make it bett...

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