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Can a man ever have a decent vagina?

I know that what I’m about to say cold easily get me shot – since liberals are such violent, intolerant zealots – but here it is anyway: Bruce Jenner is a man. Of course he’s a former Olympic gold medal winning athlete, so he can probably kick my lumpy ass three times before breakfast &#...

How Liberals still practice Eugenics.

Throughout history, liberals have always backed some kind of loopy faux science that they claim must be followed religiously or the sky will fall, civilization will end or, perhaps even worse for them, common sense will prevail. Why Liberals dropped communism and picked up Eugenics. In the early 190...

The gender wage gap – Myth? Lie? Or BS?

Here’s a quick word association test – how big is the gender wage gap? How much less are women paid for doing the same work? You might automatically say 30% less. Or 25% less. Or even 21% less. These are all common figures, all used by various experts, celebrities and even heads of state. Yet they a...

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